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Why should my company work with an RD?

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orange tomato

Everyone can improve nutritional status.  From hourly employee's to CEO's, your health matters. With increased prevalence of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other health complications, healthcare costs are on the rise.  The burden of these costs may ultimately fall to you and your employees.  Prevention and management of chronic diseases is a key component in reducing healthcare costs within your establishment, In addition to added healthcare costs, the products of a medically compromised staff is likely hurting your bottom line.

Research shows that obese individuals take off 6-9 days more per year than their non-obese co-workers. Individuals had a 64% reduction in work loss days after receiving dietetic counseling.   This could lead to drastic financial losses in productivity and workers compensation.  A recent study published in the journal of nutrition and dietetics highlights that , for every $1 spent on nutrition $4 is saved for corporation.  Working with an RD can be an invaluable asset to your company.

Here are some of the primary benefits of having an RD work with your organizatio

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asparagus tops

Benefits of having an RD work with your company

  • save money-many insurance companies provide reduced rates to organizations that have wellness programs. An RD is a critical component of your wellness program for providing the most up to date scientifically founded nutrition information.

  • reduce absenteeism and increase productivity--a healthy employee is a happy employee. research shows that wellness programs may decrease absences by up to 50%.

  • Improve job satisfaction, increase employee retention rate and inter-employee relations

12 week Coordinated program

12-week comprehensive program focusing on various aspects of health and wellness. Weekly classes will focus on diet, exercise, stress, and behavior modification.  Surveys will be conducted at initial course to determine needs and interest of group members. 

highlights include:

  • Employees are able to share dietary experiences with one another

  • Monitoring and tracking of progress towards personal goals

  • Personalized coaching

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orange carrot bunch


Interactive Lunch and Learns

Select a topic for a 30-45 minute lunch session or let an expert select the topic for you.  This is a cost-efficient way of reaching a large number of employees.  Topic ideas may include:

  • Eating on the run

  • Diet myths

  • Fitting fitness into your routine

  • Setting up the perfect plate

  • A focus on heart health

  • Increasing your fiber

  • Managing your stress


Food Demonstration: $30 per person. Minimum 12 people (Max 20). Cost of Food is included. 

Lunch and learn (30 minutes)-$100

Lunch and Learn(60 minutes)-$160